Internet Marketing – The Third Method of Presenting Your Products

The most popular method of presenting your products to the public for internet marketing has to be that of using a squeeze or landing page with an opt-in box to capture the prospective customers email address from your website. This is where you start to build up what will eventually prove to be your most valuable asset and that is your list.

For this you will need an autoresponder, unless you think that you can do it manually. For your first few sign ups this method might be sustainable, but for anything over twenty I suspect you will be struggling to cope. You certainly will not have much time to do anything else to promote your business other than sitting there sending out emails to them manually.

There are out there various software programmes out there that you can purchase to turn your own computer into an autoresponder. There are however, a few drawbacks to doing this. The primary one is that your computer will need to be online 24/7. Will it be able to cope with what you are expecting it to do? Think about it, your computer has cost you what? Five, six, seven hundred dollars or more. An autoresponder will set you back less than twenty dollars per month initially. Remember your computer contains your fledgeling business, are you willing to risk it burning out and you losing some if not all of your data that you have accumulated?

In this method your autoresponder is your secret weapon or magic bullet. It will enable you stay in contact with your list wherever you are in the world via your laptop and a wi-fi connection. You will be able to market other related products once you have established an amount of trust with your list. For new products you can merely use the broadcast facility that is provided for this very purpose. Beware though, do not try to power sell to your potential customers during their initial period on your list. Three maybe four times in the first week and then space them out a little more. Do not flood them with a multitude of free offers, unless they are from yourself and do not involve another opt in to someone else’s list. Well, certainly not initially.

You might also consider creating a blog and whenever your place a new post refer your list to it in your broadcast emails. It will boost your credibility with your prospects and for any new customers they will be able to go back over your previous posts. You will be providing value.

This is perhaps the most powerful method of internet marketing and will see you well into the future. It will give you residual income for years once you’ve built it up. It is the method super affiliates use. And there is a lot of truth in the saying, “The Money Is In The List.”

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