“Boring” Presentation Topics – How to Make Any Subject Interesting

There is no such thing as a boring subject. I’ll grant some subjects are more difficult to make interesting but I can’t think of one that’s actually impossible. Knowing how to make any subject interesting is, fortunately, one of the easier presentation skills to learn.

If you have to talk about the worlds most boring widget then your secret weapon is simple. Talk about the problems it solves. Get your audience to imagine the world without your widget or anything like it. If it has special features talk about the problems associated with not having that special feature. Impress on the audience the difficulties they would face without your widget.

The key here is to make it relevant to your audience. Make them see the benefit that they get from having your widget by showing them the perils of not having it. This makes use of the pain/pleasure principle. People instinctively move away from pain and towards pleasure.

Show them the “pain” of life without your widget and they will soon be interested in finding out about the “pleasure” of life with your widget. The key here is to make the widget (or concept or any other subject) directly relevant to your audience. Anything that makes the subject relevant and personal to your audience will definitely keep them interested.

The other secret is to approach the subject from the mindset that YOU find it interesting and are enthusiastic about it. If you decide that a subject IS interesting then you will make it interesting. Nothing is more infectious than enthusiasm, if you can drum up your own enthusiasm it will generate enough goodwill from your audience that you can talk about almost anything.

The interest and enthusiasm come from you not your subject. Be interested to be interesting.

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